Sony RX-100 review 

The main features of this Sony DSC RX100
20 megapixel

Starting with  the Sony RX100 sensor - The body that's just a tad bigger than a normal pocket camera, the RX100 has a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor that measures 13.2mm by 8.8mm, much larger sensor than the ones offered in any other that can fit in your pocket. 

Second, the Sony RX-100's very wide F1.8 aperture makes it a standout camera when you're shooting for beautiful shallow depth of field or in Low-light situations. The Lens itself has a 3.6x zoom range (28-100mm) which should make it a nice option for wide-angle shots and portraits.

  • 3.6x optical zoom, 2x digital zoom
  • 20 to 20.9 Megapixels, HD Compatible
  • Built-in Flash 
  • Battery Compatibility Fitting: Sony NP-BX1
  • Focal Length : 28-100mm 35mm equiv
  • SDXC, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo High Speed, SD Card, Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • HDMI, USB 2.0
  • 3” LCD
  • Audio Recording
  • Burst Mode
  • Movie Mode
  • Video Out: HD Component, PAL, NTSC
  • Size: 101x58x36mm Weight 240g

The Sony RX-100 camera has a pop-up flash, a sturdy-feeling aluminum body, and a sharp 3-inch LCD screen with 1.2 million dots of resolution. Sony states RX100's newly designed battery is rated for 330 shots per charge.

The RX100's user interface makes very clear that Sony has concentrated on making a camera that enthusiasts will be happy with. The RX100 doesn't go overboard with manual controls but the now commonplace lens-encircling control dial is key to its usability. It also has a customizable function menu - allowing you to specify which settings you want quick access to, and in which order.

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Sony RX-100: capturing video

The Sony DSC-RX100 also excels in capturing video, as the camera takes 1080p video at a 60 frames per second, and it provides manual shutter and aperture controls when recording movies which is great if you want to experiment making professional looking video. This is controlled by the programmable control ring around the lens, which provides simple access to manual focus controls, shutter and aperture adjustments, and ISO settings.

For the more manual-minded shooters, such as RAW and RAW+JPEG shooting and peaking assist for manual focus, the Sony DSC-RX100 has many automated in-camera modes that have made Sony's recent Cyber-shot models so fun to use for casual photographers, including an exposure-bracketing Handheld Twilight mode for shooting in the dark, the pan-to-capture Sweep Panorama mode, an 'Auto Portrait Framing' feature that automatically re-crops portrait shots to fit the rule of thirds, and a 10-fps burst mode at full 20-megapixel resolution.

Check the Sony RX-100 Specifications

I have found other Sony RX100 Review of fellow enthusiasts.  With the camera being so new there are not that many reviews around 

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